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Living Room

We install custom-made TV Cabinets and TV Stands

TV cabinet for many people, building a house is like a dream come true. In such cases, people prefer custom TV cabinets or TV stands on the pre-made cabinets. Custom cabinets are the perfect match to create your dream home. People spend fortunes in building a dream house so to make the house look its best, nothing can be better than custom cabinets. The best thing about the custom TV cabinets Malaysia is that while they build, you can enjoy complete freedom of choosing everything from materials to the color of your choice. A home should be a reflection of its owner. Custom cabinets reflect the personality and identity of the owners ; So it is truly a reflection of one’s character .

Living Room Designs

Fiery Red

Balance it with pops of white. A smattering of dove white wall accents with the white fireplace, chair rail, and coffee table keep the bold color in check. Fiery Red Designed Living Room

White Designed Living Rooms


To prevent it from feeling like a hospital room, introduce different textures. A crocheted throw, a rough-hewn linen sofa, and a nubby rug all add depth to a monochromatic look. White Designed Living Room

Formal Living Room


An extra-large sofa can mean plenty of room to stretch out, but it can also engulf a room. Formal Living Rooms Designs

blues living room designs


A palette of navy blues makes this room feel instantly inviting and cozy. Blue Living Rooms Designs