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Kitchen Cabinets Malaysia

Kitchen cabinets with styles and pricing to match any taste at any budget.

If you want to remodel your kitchen with custom Kitchen Cabinet kuala lumpur, Malaysia, open to as the door to a world of style, color and wood choices but a few. Our experienced craftsmen specialize in custom cabinets for your kitchen using top-quality materials (no particle board or fiberboard) and hardware to ensure your complete satisfaction.

RS Design has a diversity of Kitchen countertops to make the preparation of food even better! From kitchen counter tops made ​​of stainless steel according to worktops with a plastic top layer or counter tops of granite. Also, custom counter tops made ​​of wood or bamboo fiber are among the possibilities. Naturally, most counter tops have a scratch and water resistant surface.
Apart from designing finest kitchen cabinets malaysia, we build sophisticated bathroom cabinet and storage to enhance your home appearance.

We Offer Kitchen Cabinet Designs in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Kepong, Puchong, Shah Alam, Selayang, Rawang, Hartamas and Mont Kiara.

Browse through the popular kitchen designs in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and throughout Malaysia:-

Kitchen Cabinets malaysia

Classic Design

Classic kitchens are timeless and flexible. This comes with other givens, such as neutral color palettes and simple, unfussy details. Sure, a classic kitchen can be deemed too safe for the individualist and too ornate for the purist, but for me it’s like jeans and a white t-shirt: integrate a beaded necklace and heels or tennis shoes and ebony blazer and you can make the look your own. Classic Design Kitchen Cabinets

Wood Grain Designs

Wood Grain Design

Multiple lines of beading frame an astronomically immense recessed panel that beauteously exhibits wood grains and detail. A style that can go warm or cool, soft or vigorous, with facileness. Wood Grain Design Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Designs

Modern Design

As the hub of the home, the kitchen is the room with all the action. It’s not just the place to prepare and cook food, it’s also used for entertaining guests, storing gadgets and eating family meals. Your modern design needs to accommodate all these activities, which is why kitchen remodels are more popular than ever. Modern Kitchen Cabinets Malaysia

Contemporary Designs

Contemporary Design

It is a subject of much debate: modern or contemporary? Many use these two style terms interchangeably, making it confusing on where to draw the line. A “modern” is a style of its own, while “contemporary” can encompass many different styles that are current or en vogue, modern design is timeless and iconic. Contemporary designs may appear current today but may be very dated in 10 years. Contemporary Design Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen countertops

Kitchen Countertop

Our kitchen countertops give you lots of choice of styles and materials, tested to stand up to years of use. Modern Kitchen Countertops