Painting your cabinets

Do You Know: How To Make Your Kitchen Look New?

Kitchen renovations are the most expensive home – improvements projects. But do you know it is also possible to give a tired kitchen new life without spending too much money. So if changing tastes or wear or tear has left you with a kitchen in need of a lift, follow these steps for simple and affordable upgrades on your kitchen cabinets.

How to improve Kitchen Cabinet

  • Paint- Painting your cabinets is a great way to breathe new life into your kitchen. A coat of paint can brighten up old cabinets and cheer up whole room.Painting your cabinets
  • Hardware of cabinets- Replacing knobs, pulls and hinges timely is important.Wooden Kitchen Cabinets
  • Reface- In re-facing, doors and drawer fronts are removed and all exterior surfaces are covered with a veneer of prefinished wood in whatever species and finish you prefer. Then new doors and drawer fronts are made to match.Wooden Island Table with Cabinets
  • Replace doors- You can just change the panels on cabinet doors. Decorative panel options include glass which can be clear, tinted, patterned and stained or metal which can be stainless steel and patterned tin.

Other improvements required

  • Change the lighting- Lighting is one of the most overlooked items in every room of the house, but it also makes a huge difference in updating the look of a room. Kitchen lighting can range in price and is available to accommodate every style from retro funky to classical tradition.
  • Flooring – When it comes to flooring, consider slip- resistance, ease of maintenance and porosity. You can use stone floors, which are somewhat porous and may need resealing after some time of installation. Hardwood floors are also beautiful but they have a drawback that they wear out faster by the fridge, stove and sink than other areas. Hardwood floors also work properly and they are very popular because of their look.Flooring and Carpentry
  • Clean the air- A range hood helps ventilate cooking odors. Therefore buy one that is efficient, quite and vented outside.
  • Walk in pantry- This is essential as it allows you to keep a stockpile of all your favorite spices, snacks and other and other ingredients on hand at all times without having to running out of space.
  • Reface the appliances- Some refrigerators and dishwashers are designed with frames to hold face panels. Normally it is a stainless steel or a wood panel. Replacing panels help in maintain the grease of the appliance.
  • Cover the floor- If the floor is sound or flat, you can cover linoleum or wood with a coat of flooring primer and paint or a layer of stick- down vinyl tiles or sheet flooring.
  • Resurfacing of countertops- Stripping an old laminate countertop off the plywood deck is simple. Ceramic tiles can be installed over existing plywood. If your stone countertop is getting dirty, the surface can be professionally polished to remove the marks.Kitchen Countertops Resurfacing
  • A quiet dishwasher- It not looks good in your kitchen when you are having a conversion with someone else and you are getting disturbed because of a loud dishwasher. Therefore change your loud dishwashers with quite ones.Kitchen Cabinet with Quiet Dishwasher