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A Note on Kitchen Countertop Pricing in Selangor

When you’re getting ready to shop for your kitchen counter tops in Selangor be aware that some materials such as granite and quartz and other natural and engineered stone materials are priced per square foot and other materials such as laminate are priced per linear foot. Remember this difference when you shop. Since most countertops are about 2 feet deep, simply multiply the square foot price by 2 to estimate the cost per linear foot.


Typical kitchen counter tops are anywhere between 28 and 30 linear feet. Most likely they will be either a U-shape or L-shape layout. Laminate counters are sold by the linear foot, but other materials such as solid surfacing, natural stone, and engineered stone are sold by the square foot.

It’s all in the options

kitchen countertops selangor

There is a vast difference in price between a basic, post-formed laminate countertop, a laminate countertop with a premium edge, and top-end options like solid surfacing and stone.


For a typical 30-foot linear countertop, a post-form laminate top might cost as little as RM800. For a premium laminate with a beveled edge, the price could go up to RM2,000. For solid surfacing, natural stone or engineered stone, which would be priced between RM80 and RM100 per square foot, you’re looking at RM4,800 to RM6,000. Prices listed are guidelines only so always verify prices for the materials you select with your retailer or installer.


With laminates much of the cost of a is the labor: fabrication and installation. With laminate countertops, labor costs are separate from materials costs. That’s why it’s important to work with a fabricator and installer you feel good about, who has a good business reputation, and whose bid is realistic.


This isn’t the case for pricing natural stone, engineered stone and solid surfacing materials. The square foot costs for natural stone, quartz countertops and solid surfacing countertop material include the fabrication and the installation, so you have less opportunity to price shop or compare installation bids from separate contractors or fabricators.


When estimating the entire remodeling costs be sure to include all the components involved with the countertop installation. A total countertop job takes into account the material itself, profiling the edge, cutting and drilling for sinks and faucets, the installation itself, and often, removing the old top. When calculating your remodeling costs you need to compare the “total installed” costs when shopping for new countertops to avoid any unpleasant surprises in your remodeling costs and keep from going over budget.

How to Remodel Kitchen Cabinet in Selangor For Less?

Remodel kitchen cabinet Selangor are definitely going to be THE biggest expense from your entire kitchen remodel so if you’re on a tight budget here’s some things you might consider re-thinking or doing to keep this expense down.


So one of the options could be going with all wood cabinet doors instead of solid wood cabinet doors.  All wood refers to cabinets with side panels that have a hardwood veneer applied to a plywood core and solid wood is a solid piece hard wood.  Hardwood veneer is a thin piece of solid wood that is typically applied to plywood or particleboard with glue to give it strength.  It is uniform in finish and its grain is very consistent and there are really beautiful options in this area.


This is the process that is done when you have your kitchen cabinets refaced instead of replaced so if you like the current layout of your cabinets or even if it isn’t your favorite layout but it could still work this will save a lot of your remodeling costs.


Here’s a before and after example:
Before Kitchen Cabinet Selangor     After Kitchen Cabinet Selangor


Not only is this much less expensive for you it’s also less trees being cut down and protects the forests and still gives you the look of solid wood.  All wood cabinet doors also have the advantage of less warping due to humidity and temperature change.  So you could be friendlier to your budget and to the environment at the same time.


You might also consider for the cabinet frames ordering plywood sides for just the cabinets that will have one or both sides exposed.


Another option might simply refinishing your existing kitchen cabinets to a more contemporary or suitable finish than replacing the kitchen cabinets altogether.  That can really change the entire look of your whole kitchen and would definitely be the easiest on your budget.  That’s probably the most economical option.


Another option you might consider is reducing the number of cabinets in your kitchen plans by using one cabinet where you now have two.  That might not always work but sometimes it can so look at the layout and see if this is something that is possible.


Another area that you could save on kitchen remodeling costs would be in the decorative options.  Molding inserts add a LOT to the remodeling costs of a kitchen remodel.  Could you still achieve a good look with fewer moldings?


Another decorative option that really racks up the expense is the handles and drawer pulls.  They come in many price ranges and there are thousands of companies that offer them so by doing some shopping around you could find something quite nice in a lower price range.


Another way to save on kitchen remodeling costs would be to reduce or eliminate the number of modifications or construction options.  For example could you have a countertop wine rack instead of a custom built-in cabinet? Or does the cabinet depth really need to be modified or could your objectives be met in other ways?


Yet another way to reduce some of your kitchen remodeling costs would be to perhaps put off including some of the fancy cabinet accessories and cool gadgets that could be installed later on or don’t even really need to be custom built at all. Could the roll out shelves for the base cabinets for example be installed later on?  And do you really need the custom knife drawer or the custom spice rack?  If you could live without these things it would definitely be a money saving option.


So you don’t need to give up everything but there are always things you could negotiate, compromise on or eliminate altogether.  So if you are really needing to keep your kitchen remodeling costs down these are some options that could really help.


 Planning a kitchen remodel in Selangor?


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Tips To Consider Before Bathroom Renovation

Renovating bathroom is a great way of updating your old and unfashionable bathroom space by adding new accessories to it. An effective bathroom renovation should address all your needs whether they are physical or spiritual and therefore it must be planned with utmost caution and care. Here are some tips that will help you to make your bathroom renovation successful.

How to start working on renovation?

  • Create a wish list- Evaluate your existing bathroom- what you want and what you want to change with regards to its design, decoration, fittings and workability. To make all the things clear, you should create a wish list. Group all the things according to must haves and nice to have and number them by importance in your wish list.Bild 024
  • Set your budget- After creating your wish list, now your second task is setting up a budget according to your wishes. This will help you to take wise decisions according to fittings, designs and labor cost, which will not be possible if you have not created a budget. Don’t forget to keep money aside for unexpected problems such as water and mold problems.Bild 268
  • Call an expert- No matter if you are planning a small renovation or you are tackling some of the renovation yourself, always consult a professional. The major advantage of calling an expert is that they provide proper advice on how to save money and where you can be extravagant. They can also help you in avoiding costly mistakes.Bathroom Renovation
  • Correspondence between design and functionality is important – Now- a- days designer bathroom fixtures and fittings are coming in a variety of designs and no doubt you want to add them in your bathroom during renovation. But if you are going for your bathroom renovation, you should know that correspondence between design and functionality is important not the fixtures or fittings that would just please the eyes.
  • Don’t forget basic and important things- While making new designs and bringing new things in your bathroom, don’t forget to update your plumbing and electricity work in your bathroom. Make sure that you have quality installers while installing and you have given more importance to them then other things in your budget.Bathroom Plumbing
  • Comfort level should be maximum- As we all know that bathroom is a place in the house which gives us the much needed space and relaxation. Therefore you must take care that how much comfort is there in your bathroom? Fitting like shower seat, vanity mirror, cabinets etc. should be proper in your bathroom to create ample of comfort level in your bathroom.Bathroom Space
  • Work smartly- If there is selling of your house in your mind within 2 or 3 years, then don’t spend so much money of yours in renovation but if selling of your house is not in your mind then design your room according to your choice.
  • Maintenance is the key- Always choose design and material of the bathroom like flooring, bath tubs etc that do not involve high – maintenance cost as you don’t want to spend unnecessary money after finishing up with the task of remodeling.Bathroom Flooring With Bath Tub